On July 31, the first large oil spill recovery ship in China, built by WS for Shanghai Salvage Bureau, is delivered by signing.

This ship is the oil spill recovery ship with the largest displacement in China. It is about 90.9m in total length, its molded breadth is 20m, its molded depth is 8.2m, and its displacement is about 4000t, and it adopts all-direction electrical propelling. This ship is complete with large built-in special oil spill recovery equipment and a Class 1 external firefighting system. It is applicable for unrestricted navigation zone and open sea area; it can rapidly distribute oil fences under Level 4 sea condition for effective containing, emergency recovering and clearing of oil spill. In case of emergency, it can spray oil dispersant to a vast site for rapid restoration of the environment, it can rapidly pump the residual oil or chemicals out of the vessel suffering an accident; it can batten down the hatches, stop leak and pump oil, and is also capable of such regular functions as platform supply and oil field rescue. Its oil spill recovery rate is 400m3/h and its oil spill storage capacity is about 2968m3.